Picking the Best Tile Roofing Options for Your Home

The practice of tile roofing has been there in China since 10000 BC. However, at that time, Chinese people used to build their roofs using clay tiles. This technique later spread to the Middle East and other areas of the world. With time, people started using different materials for tile roofing, such as fired clay, ceramic, slate, and terra cotta products. Now, a modern tile roofing company uses weather-resistant, long-lasting, and eco-friendly concrete roof tiles. Some other useful materials for tile roofing are bitumen, polymer sand, tinted concrete and metals.

Therefore, you can pick a suitable material for your roof that boosts the durability and longevity of your roof and gives an attractive look to your home. Even though there are multiple tile roofing options available for you, it is important to compare different tile options and choose the tile that benefits your home. This article will discuss different tile roofing options so that you can pick the most suitable tile roof for your home. You can also ask your local tile roofing company in Los Angeles to help you find the perfect long-lasting roofing solution for your home.

Different Types of Roofing Tiles

Different tile roofs come with different appearances, durability, weight, and cost. Therefore, depending on your budget and likes, you can choose a suitable tile roofing option. Here are some common tile roofing options for you. Understand the advantages and drawbacks of each tile roofing option and pick the best for you.

  • Clay Roof Tiles:

Clay roof tiles offer excellent strength, durability, and resistance against extreme weather and high heat conditions. As these tiles offer high resistance to rot, therefore, the longevity of these tiles is higher compared to other roofing options. The major drawbacks of clay roof tiles are these tiles tend to crack easily and are heavy in weight. Therefore, to support the heavyweight clay tiles, you require to install a significant reinforcement.  

  • Concrete Roof Tiles:

Concrete tiles are also efficient for extreme weather conditions. The major factor that contributes to the increasing popularity of these tiles is their flexibility in color and style choices. However, as concrete tiles are heavy-weight materials, the structure of your home has to be strong enough to support these tiles.

  • Metal Roofs:

Due to easy installation and lightweight, the popularity of metal roofing is increasing significantly. However, metal roofs can be noisy and susceptible to denting.

  • Slate Roof Tiles:

If you want to boost the aesthetic value of your home, slate roofing can be a great option for you. Slate roofing offers you natural color variations and adds artistic value to your home. The hardwearing and fire-resistant properties of slate makes it useful for harsh weather and high heat conditions. However, like clay and concrete tiles, slate roofing tiles are also heavy-weight tiles.

  • Composite Roofing Tiles:

Composite roof tile is a modern roofing option that consists of metal, stone, and acrylic in multiple layers. These tiles are lightweight and offer a natural look to your home. However, limited options for style and color are the main drawbacks of composite roofing tiles.

Hopefully, this article helps you to determine the best roofing tile for your home. Always ask your tile roofing company before making a decision on roof tiles.

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