How Does It Work?

Learn Architecture is a global architecture learning platform and marketplace for content creators.

What content are we interested in?

1. Video Courses

2. Cutouts, Vectors, PNGs

3. CAD Blocks

4. Brushes, Presets

5. Kits, Templates

6. Ebooks

7. And other architectural contents!

What can you earn by taking part in our marketplace?

You share your products with our 1 million followers community. In addition, you can earn a passive income by safely selling your products.

How do we get your products to sell more?

Our marketing team works 24/7 to promote your products. Advertisements on the relevant social media channels and sharing the products in our 1 million community are just a few of the marketing activities we do. The creators do not pay anything for these, we do them with a commission on the products. So, there are no extra charges.

How can I join the seller community?

1. If you not invited by us (via email) just fill the application form here.

2. Your submission will reviewed in 24 hours and approved by our seller quality team.

3. After approve, just login your seller account from here.

4. Fill your profile informations. Description, banner, profile logo etc.

5. After setting up profile click "Product Listing" and add your products.

6. Quick tutorial for product listing and profile setup here.

Frequently asked questions for seller candicates

Seller guideline for product listing & profile setup

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